Thursday, January 8, 2009

Room 211: DuFan @ Ancol

When we arrived in Jakarta, it was still early. It was 8am. After getting the entire luggage, we went out of Soekarno Airport to meet our tourist guide, Rino. Rino seems like a nice young chap. I bet he’s full of fun, fun, fun!

So as we loaded the 2 Pregio's with all of our stuffs, we planned to visit Ancol. Ancol was more or less like Genting Theme Park. It was huge, bigger than Genting Theme Park, and there are a few parks to go to and one of it is DuFan (Dunia Fantasia), the one we went.We couldn’t start shopping as most of the malls commence its business at 10am and Papa was the one who wanted to take us to Ancol, to take Iqmal and Adam for some rides. The entrance fee was about RM35per person for the oneday with limitless rides, so it was reasonable enough, no?

Adam, Syasya, Elly, Edros and Iqmal (the siblings)

Upon entrance, we could see the crazy rollercoaster, the Solero shot look-a-like, then there’s this big ball where you get in and just roll down the lake which looked exciting but i don't dare get myself wet and also there's many, many fun rides. We managed to play with the merry-go-round, bumper care and a few others. Since the weather was all sunny and hot we or should i say i didnt stand the heat so after some Bakso for lunch we moved on to the indoor game arcade. We couldn’t bear the temperature!

In total, we ended up spending almost RM200 at the arcade. From cars to drums to basketballs, we played everything there. Practically everything. By 3pm we were totally exhausted and moved to Kartika Chandra Hotel to check in. Upon check-in we were excited to see that Planet Hollywood was just 10 steps away from the hotel. Hence, we planned to have tea there, since lunch at Ancol did not satisfy my upset tummy. My tummy is not really good friends with Indonesian food, sorry.

Kartika Chandra, to me is more of a 3 1/2 star hotel. It was over-priced since we chose to have holidays during the peak season (Christmas and New Year). But to me, personally, it's convenient since the hotel is very close to Semanggi Mall and Planet Hollywood! The room was very friendly with large single beds and ample space, but the sad part was, the pillow stinked. We even had to cover it up with bath towels! Do i want to come again? Maybe if i have no other choice. But i definitely like Ancol!

But before we even headed for Planet Hollywood, my head landed on the yummy bed with towel covered pillow. So rest awhile my lil ones.

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