Thursday, January 8, 2009

Room 211: Mama's Drama

Like i said on my first part of the trip, sleep was just putting my head on the pillows. What do you expect to get out of a 4 hour’s sleep?

I got up at 4 and dialed Papa's room. Wake up call is more like it. After an absurd morning shower, I made Edros and Elly to get going but those lazy heads were just being lazy. Blame me for being so excited, but I was, since I had planned all of this by myself. Clap clap for me.

By 5am we were on our way from Concorde Inn to LCCT. The Low Cost Carrier Terminal, correct me if I’m wrong. I look forward to have my breakfast, my set of Big Breakfast at McDonalds. I wanted to settle off checking in for all the 11 of us as well as get the entire luggage into the cabin. And there goes Mama’s drama. Elly called and told Mama cannot follow us to Jakarta as her passport was soon to expire. Masya-Allah, how did this slip through? Just when I felt like everything was in order, something just had to mess it up! Lesson No. 1, always, always check your passport a week before leaving for holidays!

So Mama said “Have fun, its ok. I’ll just stay at Aunty Nor’s house”, what a sad case to me. I was thinking, what’s a family holiday without her, my mom, right? Then, Papa told us to go ahead without them as they re-new the passport in KL. Oh great! Now Papa’s staying back.

Then Papa told me to take care of the siblings as they try and get Mama’s passport re-newed. Hopefully within today she’ll get it done, but the problem is would they make it to Jakarta? I browsed through AirAsia’s website with my E71 and how great it was to know that there’ll be a flight to Jakarta that very evening at about 6pm. That means, my parents will be joining the group later tonight. Alhamdulillah.

So Aunty Rose and family as well as the 5 of us just continued to board without breakfast in our tummy.

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