Friday, August 14, 2009

Eiffel, im in love *part deux*

After some cold shower and mesmerizing done through our window pane, we finally set foot on the roads of Paris. Earlier on we had purchase the 2days tickets from Metro which costs around EU18. Well, since we’ll be moving around with it, why not? Besides, it is said to be much cheaper and convenient, I suppose. But the ticket is just so small that I think it is so much advisable to let ET hold it for me, just in case I lose it. From La Tour Mauborg to Eiffel Tower is just 1 station away (Note: Trocadero: Line 6).

At that particular moment, I was actually not feeling good. My head was practically spinning, I was coughing and had a runny nose and my temperature was rather high. InsyaAllah it’s not the infamous H1N1 (Did I mention I had the influenza jab days earlier for precautions?) However, all these did not stop me from having fun, especially our Lil Miss ET was just ignorant of my sickness (She loves me, that’s why she keeps on reminding me on my medications like a mommy. Love u, Goyfie).

Before getting ourselves to the tower, we were in need of the delicious strawberry slush to cool our throats (Sorry Mr Throat) and went on a ride on a beautiful carousel joined by a dozen of kids. Yes, the little girl in me was finally unleashed!

Eiffel Tower, believe it or not, despite the heat and sickness, my mouth was wide open to stand before one of the 7 wonders. Am I dreaming? Am I really here? Et, please pinch me slowly (slapping is too harsh!) Inside, I wish he was here too. To witness and to be with me at this land of romance as well as to be my personal photographer (ET, no offence we were the greatest couple in Paris then, kaann?).

Everything seemed beautiful, and surreal. To get to the top of the tower, one would have to purchase a ticket and after over an hour, we finally got ourselves a ticket with discount for youths below 25 years old. How cool is that? So basically it was selling for EU9.90 for the elevator entrance tickets to the top floor. So if ever I’d want to go again for a tour or honeymoon whatever, I’ll have to pay EU13. *sigh*

[For more info on the Eiffel Tower Visitors Guide click on]

When we reached the top floor, the view was super amazing. Enchanted by the view of Paris and tired I was to have stand and lined up for hours from the ticket purchasing to elevator waiting. But it did not keep me from being thankful to have been there. We got ourselves a salad and cheese baguette, cupcakes and soft drinks and let the moment mesmerize us. For once, I felt better, no runny nose, no cough, no fever. Perfect!

As we went down Eiffel Tower, it hit me how sad it will be to leave but the trip must go on. We headed to Hard Rock Cafe Paris (Note: Richelieu Drouot) for some dinner and souvenirs and believe it or not, the only thing we could have was the Classic Nachos, minus Chili. Yummy still. Still we had fun, the people, the music and David our waiter. Super friendly and so cute (Mira, I know you like him so if you happen to go there, tell him I said Hi!)

So tired we were, we headed back to get some rest before a long day ahead tomorrow.
Bonne nuit, Adura!

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