Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Little Miss Busy?

Despite my excitements to share my stories and babbles about my EUROtrip, i'm telling you i cant see the rows of frames on the shelf in front of me. In short, work is piling up! Darn...I'm terribly sorry for this but hopefully, insyaAllah, i'll be updating it one piece by another from time to time. Hopefully.

As for now, as you might have guessed and as for what i've told, i've kept my dark memories, hurt and pain in a box. I went far, far away from home to dig myself a deep, deep hole and throw all of those inside. I've long moved on with my beautiful life, called Miss Sunshine to help me through with Mr Rain and now, yes now, i'm happy to announce my current addiction, passion, my elixir, my potion..Mr Mystery. Sounds sexy right? Let him be under my spell for a while, and sooner or later, you'll find it our yourself.


Drama Mama said...

glad you've moved on dear, let the dark memories be buried and never surface again

oh welcome back home!

sayangness said...

thank u kak ju'ah. love u. even we hardly communicate, ure always there to update urself.

reena said...

Babe, i wish i can move on macam uuuuu! Huhu.