Thursday, October 8, 2009

25 tahun sudah... (part kedua)

It was 27th sept. 2009 which marked me being a year older, wiser, maybe, maybe not. But it's supposed to be my day. so here are a few great things that happened. Let's start from early morning alright, the moment i woke up.


I woke up beside my love,....... the blurblur doll, i got as a pressie (haaa...mesti uolls ingat i woke up beside ehem2 tau. tak baik pikir bukan2 tauuuu, kitorg kawan jeee...!) in my pretty pink pyjama and i woke up with a smile. What a day to start :) and there it is tonnes of SMS-es and i love the one from Mama. She was so sweet (Ma, I LOVE U!).

The first thing that got to my mind was to call Mr.Mystery so he could fetch me for breakfast. We planned on having breakfast with his family. But due to over-exhaustion, (adekah perkataan sedemikian? any word as such?) i bet no one would be awake so early to prepare breakfast. And so he came and we bought Roti Canai and Nasi Lemak, the proud staple breakfast of Malaysians somewhere around TTDI Jaya. Filling and fattening, i must say.

As we had breakfast together, my first wish for the day was:
I wish i had many,many more happy and joyful mornings amongst loved ones; family and (insyaAllah) future family. Aminnnnn!


By noon, everyone had their water bottle filled with Ribena and "iced water with lots of ice cubes please *****," for me, as i bat my long curly eyelashes (over tau!) to tapau us for the long journey back from KL-Melaka-Penang. Wait! "Nak jalan round KL pun kene tapau ke akak*?"(Akak bukan nama sebenar) but it's a good thing anyways, cos takde la huru-hara sekampung if you happen to get stuck in the ever-famous KL massive traffic jams withnothing to eat or drink and worst still if you need to use the ladies. Seksa gila i tell you! Tahan la sampai nampak signboard petrol station.

So back to the story, when i meant US, i was referring to duhh! (do i have to repeat it again?) Mr Mystery was also going back to Penang, one reason was to accompany me cos i had to drive alone, but since when I'm so dependent? Hmm, give me a break! Kadang-kadang nak jugak bermanja and have someone to be in-charge and to get some TLC (tender,loving,care) , right?After all today's my day as quoted by Mr Mystery.

Eventually, our plan got changed as i overheard the conversation between them sisters about going to Pavillion. I was not eavesdropping or pasang telinga and such tapi ape lagi nyah tak tahan telinga mendengar, harus pergi okayy! And again while bating my eyelashes i asked "We're not rushing kan,*****?" and i got a big smile and a big YES! Woohoo!

my 2nd wish for the day:
He's just so sweet today i hope he's sweet everyday! *di sini saya rumuskan sahaja serta diselitkan beberapa lagi wish berkenaan Mr Mystery yang mungkin tidak wajib dipertontonkan. Terima Kasih*


We were still in Pavillion after our superbly-licious lunch at the Teppanyaki joint at the Basement Food Court (Ade ke food court lain?). It seemed like everything was going against me, including the chef. I was the last to get my Salmon Teppanyaki and my taugeh and sayur was so sikit compared to my sis and Mr Mystery's. No fair! I know i eat lesser than them even i'm BIGGER than them (ye, saya mengaku di sini I'm bigger :) but that does not mean you should be discriminating me and join the forces so i should diet you know?!

And so, after lunch and not much touring around or window shopping and such as i find it so blah and un-interesting perhaps i had the "jewel" in my hand (definitely not a diamond,engagement ring lah) who means more than anything as what Pavillion has to offer or perhaps i just had to stick to my budget and purchase things i NEED instead of those I WANT (another resolution in being a year wiser). OMG, did i really said it out loud? Shopping and Mr Mystery? Really? Macam dalam movie Shopaholic Diaries plak when all the patung-patung mannequins were talking to her and seducing her to buy, buy and buy!

Papa called me at about 1630, at first i "merajuk" cos Pa did not call or SMS-ed and wished for my birthday. Perhaps he forgotten, but he didn't cos Papa called me on my birth time. How sweet is that? *wiping a tear*

my 3rd wish for the day: "you're not a diamond in my heart, because diamonds make me happy for less than 24hours. You're much better than that!" Adura's quote


At this point of day, i was contented with every second i had, even when not all my family was around somehow i was still among my family, my sister. I, later, visited or more like pergi Beraya at my Aunty Nor's house located in Desa Pinggiran Putra, Kajang/Putrajaya. All these while, whenever i feel like going there, i would always lose my way even with the help of a GPS (or perhaps i didn't read it right?). Don't blame me for being bad with directions, i'm not but Putrajaya is just not my forte. So this time, i called my Aunty Nor to fetch us and guide us the way from the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) or "cowboy hat" as what my niece Anis would call it. InsyaAllah i'll have no trouble going there again since Mr Mystery seemed to concentrate, study, and copy+save the way there into his "memory card". Lucky me!

Actually we went there not to only visit my family but as well as to welcome our new family member Mr Muaz Azwan who was born on the 1st Syawal, 20th September 2009. Like the Malay saying "sambil menyelam, minum air". Did i get that right? Hopefully :) I got him a bag full of blue goodies, was excited to give it to him as i thought its one of my personal favourite baby gifts (mind the self-perasanness). It was a blue baby bag with a baby whale and in it was full of baby goodies. I'm so used to buying pink stuffs this year and for a change i had to buy a blur gift and boy i was excited!

Holding Lil Muaz in my arms, made me think and wonder when will i be holding my own baby instead of cousins and friends? *sigh* and i bet i was not the only one thinking as such. Well, enough of the not-so-sad story, it's supposed to be a happy entry people!

Bak kata orang melayu or simpulan bahasa "langkah kanan" or fortunate, i was, as Aunty Nor prepared such an array of food. It seemed to me like a party. Laksa, kuih raya, cakes and cupcakes, i just loved them all. Ishbir just enchants me when he sang me three rounds of the Birthday song with some extra hip shaking. It was all good.

But we had to go so soon since it was running late and "someone" had been so mind-boggling about going back to Malacca. Her initial plan was to return to Malacca with her friends and eventually her friend wanted to return the next day. And the notification came in so late in the evening i felt like a time bomb since I've well-planned my journey earlier on. Since it was a joyful day to be ruined by some mishaps, being the ever-so-loving sister, somehow made sure she returned to campus safely.

My 4th wish for the day:
"God give me patience and perseverance. Give me love, hope and faith. Give me all the good deeds and traits i should and make me in being a better Muslim, daughter, sister, friend, insyaAllah wife and mother. Dan semoga aku bertemu jodoh yang beriman dan bertanggungjawab sebagai seorang Muslim serta dikekalkan bersamanya dunia dan akhirat kelak. Amin".


This time of day, we just left UiTM Lendu, Malacca and heading back north. Problem was, it's 9pm and my tummy is grumbling and i bet the person behind the wheel is too. So we need to stop somewhere, grab a quick bite then go. I need to reach home soon as i need to be with my family on my birthday, too, you know? :) Can we make it on time? Will they still be awake? Let's just hope so, ok?

Throughout the long journey, apart from our passion for speed, it was all fun and full of singing and laughter. We were practically helping each other from sleeping and snoring. Perhaps, exhausted after a whole long day and lack of sleep throughout the weekend (refer 0800). Spare the details, i was just so happy. Happy to know that i had someone who celebrated with me for almost 24hours on my birthday. What better gift would i ask for?

My 5th wish for the day:
"It feels good to have meals with you. I wish i could have breakfast lunch and dinner with you everyday even if i was not the one preparing it myself. And God, make me a less "super pemalas" person so i could watch and learn how to cook and prepare food for my loved ones. Amin"

28th Sept 2009


We drove across the Penang bridge, and reached home safely, finally. Exhausted and sleepy we were and sad to be apart. But, i was still smiling. Because, i'm going home to my family whom i'm hoping would be still awake and the fact that i had 3 more days extra to spend with Mr Mystey. A week with him, seriously is the longest duration i'd be with him ever, to date (now i'm telling you how much i hate Long Distance R'ship).

When i reached home, my parents were still awake and i had a very big smile on my face. I just felt so lucky. What better gift would i need for my birthday?

My last birthday wish:
None. All i could utter was "Alhamdullilah". I just felt blissed amongst my sayangnesses, so people, please don't pop that bubble now.

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