Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Sesak nafas.
Gusi bengkak.
Sore throat and temperature.
Missing someone badly.
Could all this be so bad? Am i asking for too much? or i'm just plain paranoid? Is this a problem or a hiccup? Should i be calm? Should i worry much? Is he insecured or are we both? What is all this? How do i overcome it? Are we rushing? Am i pushy? Do i not love you enough? What is all this? What have we become? Overly-protective?

Jom jemaah and mintak petunjuk, nak tak?
Here's the best part which touched me when i watched the movie up. So sweet. It shows the days they had together from they were married till they have lost one another. omygoodness. if it doesnt move you, i dont know what u're made of

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