Thursday, October 29, 2009

is love alive?

i read this in Dirah's blog and it got to me. Is LOVE really alive?

it scares me sometimes to even think of it?

i've heard someone saying that love fades (really?OMG!), but isn't there a way to un-fade it? to keep the fire, the spark burning? to keep it lasting? is there any elixir ? any way at all?

but how true is so if we haven't tried our very best?

sometimes out of ego and selfishness, we ignore all this in hope of the best (or worst).

sometimes we fear the worst and push aside the good. i've seen that all, i've even experienced it. maybe i'm even doing it.

fear of rejection, fear of losing, fear of being unloved, fear of depression, fear of heartbroken, fear of all things possible. don't we all have it? i know we should all manage it, but please, don't tell me when you're happily laughing at his jokes, looking into his eyes, and the feeling's all right, there was a moment you'd think if any of this could be forever and suddenly poof! its gone.

i'm as scared as you are. i'm scared of making the same mistakes, having cried endless nights, having puffy eyes for weeks, again and again and again. i know you don't want it either. but if fear is tearing us apart when you know deep down in your heart and soul that we've always loved each other,and we will always be, then what's the point of letting fear take us down?

but it can't be worked alone does it? i mean all these bullscrap?

maybe all we need is to lower down our ego in sync with the loved one and remind ourselves of how we fell in love, once upon a time and how we've always loved and needed each other, the good and happy times, the bad ones we've overcome. or perhaps since the day u were born, when all this started (i'm not particularly referring to only bf-gf love but all sorts). shouldn't we be doing that?

how did the couples whom lasted forever? the ones who lasted over 20-30 years? tell me. someone. please

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n.u.r said...

hi adura, i've been wondering the same thing too.. tiring isn't it?...sigh.