Thursday, March 5, 2009

28 random things about her Sayangness

1. there's so many things i want and need to do in life that i dont knw which one to start

2. meeting up with my girls cures PMS, other than my retail therapy

3. as much as i love to motivate others, sometimes i feel so demotivated

4. i'm picky when it comes to food, i complain about ii if its no good (not saying that im a better cook,im a lazy one!)

5. i have always been scared of cats, now i have 10 at home

6. i love my BF more than i hate him, a fact that he doesnt know.

7. sometimes i miss him so much that i can be super duper paranoid,obsessive,possessive,compulsive and selfish that i want him with me 24-7

8. i have bought over 50 books last year which i havent even read and still collecting dusts

9. i loathe ppl whom cut queues, slow drivers, massive jams

10. i'm allergic to dusts, YIKES

11. i like to buy everything for no reason,bags to clothes to shoes to beauty products to makeup. And like the books,its piling up.

12. im sick of my digicam and needs to move on with MR DSLR

13. i don't have a house, nor planning to get married anytime soon ;) *crossing fingers* but i've got my own pinggan-mangkuk collection

14. i prefer pastels over bright colours but bright colours just loves me

15. i'm in love but ppl just don't know that, or is it just too obvious now?

16. i spend as much as i save does that work i dont knw

17. rainbows just makes me feels like a little girl over and over again

18. i love to hang around with close frens than having strangers around.

19. working with your dad does not mean u are really the boss' kid, but that means i have to work extra hard to earn the respect from others as well as my parents too..

20. i wish i could travel every month

21. He thinks im a SUPERWOMAN but he doesn't know how much he affected me so and he's responsible for the person i am now

22. i cant leave home without my tudung, handphone and ring

23. i like to sing out loud in the car, so if u saw me on the road n think im crazy, WHATEVERRRRR!

24. i've known the person i love for all my life but nobody knows about it since he's the first love and hopefully the last person i'll love

25. i resolve to get myself a house as well as a fat saving this year. InsyaAllah

26. good music, good book, close friends and my guy make my day any day.(Eida i second this :)

27. i still have butterflies when with him

28. i love black and white pictures as well as the coloured ones

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