Thursday, March 12, 2009

Arissa Qistina Sani

Arissa Qistina binti Sani.
Sedap kan name tu? Yesterday, a friend of mine delivered a beautiful baby girl. I got to know from another mom-to-be-waiting-for delivery, Norashikin mohd Fuad. I bet its all pink pink pink now because i thought Ain would deliver a baby boy. So boleh la main kawen-kawen but since its Baby Arissa, so she'll have loads of fun playing with Baby Cinta later on (Baby Cinta is Ekin's soon-to-be baby girl)

As for now, Let's talk about Arissa Qistina binti Sani

Well, all i can say is she's only a day old.

Born on the 11th of March 2009. (Bestnyeee same bday ngn Auntie Attie die)
Daughter of Nurul Ain and Sani, my college friends at YPM

Congrats, again and again Ain.
Mummy Dura so cant wait to meet Arissa Qistina!

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