Sunday, March 15, 2009

Her March Madness! @ La Senza

So its the F1 fever for them guys but its sale fever for us gals. It started with a simple sms from La Senza on there sale. Well, everywhere, everyshop was on sale but it didn't attract me as much as La Senza did. I'd have to admit my frequent buys here. But truth be told, the offer is superbly irresistable. Buy 3 at RM120, who wont resist that? I know i wont. Isn't a good pair of bra essential?

So the sale is finally here and i went mad over it. This month alone, i've visit and re-visited for at least over 5 times. And 3 out of 5, i'll end up buying at least something. In total, i've spent over RM600 for god-knows-what! And to say the least, i'd have to return for something i forgot to get. Maybe its just an excuse but (seriously talking here) you save a lot during sale! and i'm not talking like i've been shopping my savings every month but a good deal is still a good deal.

Recently the made such further markdown, menyesal pulak lah kan since my first purchase was the absolute rm300++. The markdown had a kick to it. For every RM100 there'll be an additional RM10 rebate. WOW!!!! So i grab and grab and grab, in total was say 200 over minus the 10% privilege member and additional RM20-30 rebate and there you go, a good rm100 savings on all that!

Sadly, all the bras were the typical cotton or lacey ones, compared to the only sports bra (like the picture above) i got in La Senza Pavillion store. There were none in Penang. So i miss that chance there. Yikes. All in all, i'm still happy with all my stuff which i would probably save it till i-dont-know-when since the drawer is currently full and hopefully, i have enough funds to go again for my last buy. There goes my lingerie shopping until August? Hopefully i'll be able to haramkan myself from entering those pretty places for at least the next 3 months, insyaAllah.

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