Friday, March 13, 2009

Slim and fit

Well being slim and fit has always been on the top list of my resolution. And sad to say, but after all these years it seems like i've been gaining more than losing them. I went on a Girls nite out with Didie, Nurul and Eida to talk about us during highschool and we were talking on how much slimmer we were then than now. I think i told you once on my extra 12kg after being 17, which means a good 1.7kg a year, approximately (WOW!, i know).

Well, too bad im that extra 12kilos now and it seems so hard to lose all of them at once. I tried diet-ing, it failed a couple of times, but as for now i'm sticking with the no rice, less sugar and more water diet by Dr. Adura (haha!). I really hope i'll be able to lose at least a good 5-6 kgs this year...lagi banyak lagi bagus, kan?

Besides that, i'm also consuming the ClenX tea which is meant for bowel movement in English, cirit birit in BM la kan, which is not really a good option to be "healthy and detoxify" as you'll have tummy-aches and be a regular customer of the toilet. But since the function seems to be working on my tummy and it is said to detoxify and kick out all oil and fat so what's wrong with trying. But just a gentle reminder, the taste of it? YUCK!

When the "diet" topic arose that nite, there were so many things that we discussed, ways to get slim, that is. And one of the other option, slimming centre. Marie France, Keep Slim, Mayfair, London Weight Management, what else? Every centre seemed appealing to me. Problem is which oe works better at a good price? Well, to me, it's an investment, so i would appreciate if it doesn't cost so much of a fortune. I might as well save up for my other investments, but since my body is MINE!, so i think i'll have to re-consider. Don't you think so?

Another option was to get physical, get gym-ed. Well, to me in Penang it is a bit of a bias-ness here as the better gyms are situated and located in the other part of the island. So if i would be a member of Celebrity Fitness, i would have to drive all the way to Gurney Plaza which is approximately 20-25 minutes drive from home. But why i chose this gym is of its interesting line-ups of classes. Well, i dont know if its interesting unless i try, right? But if possible, i want to be serious in losing the extra pounds so much i'll appreciate those who supports me and not wiggle the velvety MCDonalds icecream or offer me a plate of Nasi Lemak early morning. Thank you.

Hope, luck, diligence, patience and everything good is with me. Wish me all the best, and i'll see you with greater self-esteem.

Here's an article taken from (It's like they read my mind)

Top 8 Exercise Myths

Just mention the word exercise and you’re most likely to get a range of responses-some dread it and some just love it, then there are those gym addicts or those that just prefer to jog around the park.

Whichever it may be, Getting fit and healthy doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to do. Just do it anyway you want! By doing some simple exercise moves a few times a week, you’ll be looking and feeling terrific in no time.

Here are the top 8 exercise myths for you to know
You don’t have enough time to exercise
It’s high time you find the time to work out! If Hollywood celebs can fit in hours of cardio a day, you can surely manage a 30 minute walk. Without any practice of exercising, you’re prone to heart diseases, diabetes or osteoporosis later on in life. Get into the habit of working out and you’ll release it’s not that difficult after all.

If you exercise, you can eat whatever you want
There are many out there that do this. Spend a few grueling hours at the gym and then….devour a Mac’ds meal and sundae right after. What exercise will allow you to do is have a scoop of ice-cream or a few pieces of chocolate once in a while and not feel guilty about it. Going for a jog a few times a week doesn’t allow you indulge in a high-fat diet!

Skinny girls don’t need to exercise
Sorry to disappoint you, but no matter what size or shape you are, everyone needs to exercise. Just because you can fit into size 0 clothes does not mean you’re healthy, just as it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone who’s heavier is unfit.

If you frequent the gym, you can slob on the couch the rest of the time
People often make the mistake of thinking that if they exercise a few times a week, their work is done. Instead of taking the stairs, you take the lift. The end result of all this inactivity is that you use up less energy than someone who’s on the move the whole day.

You can’t be fit and fat
Many fit people carry higher levels of body fat. While some of them are genetically encoded to carry higher than average body fat levels, most are fit people who reward themselves with lavish high fat diets.

You’ll get big & bulky if you lift weights
This is one of the most persistent exercise myths around. First of all, you cannot and will not become the female version of Incredible Hulk by lifting weights, Except for serious lifters or body-builders who really work at it. If ladies lift weights correctly and consistently, you will lose weight!

You can immediately spot reduce from one part of your body
A few push-ups aren’t going to miraculously whip you up with arms to die for. You will lose weight proportionally from all parts of your body. Classic pear shapes will find the last place to lose is from the bottom and thighs.

No pain, no Gain
This is probably one of the biggest reasons for injuries and why people quit working out! Staying fit is supposed to feel pleasurable not like torture! You don’t need to kill to see the results. Most people get great improvements from mild effort initially. There’s no need to go all out hard & heavy that’ll leave you in pain and then you’ll probably never want to work out again.

For those of you who do not exercise, now’s the time to get to it. You could just start off with a simple brisk walk and gradually move on to a more strenuous routine. It’s all about getting into the habit of doing it and you’ll start to feel good and look stunning. Wouldn’t you want that?

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