Sunday, April 27, 2008

adam. circumsized

yup, like the title. Adam dah selamat sunat. and he's such a lucky kid! those days, the tok mudim will circumsize for a much much lower fee but now? i think my Dad paid almost 1k for that. yup! im serious people. just beacuse he had to go in the OT and all they charge such fee. Good thing is, the specialist, Mr Osman (i was told specialists uses the Mr instead of Dr to show that they are specialists, whatever) will have to see Adam for a follow-up. Good eh?

Funny thing is, Adam being Adam, he was not scared to walk normally after he was circumsized, he scares Iqmal, Edros and Elly lagi ade la. and like my other brothers, they were too scared too see their penis cos of the stitches and blood. Adam just looked at it as if nothing happened. Even when he came out from the OT slightly high he wanted to see his. He did the same when he was back home. He even make fun out of it. He said " My penis is cute ayy? " im like "Ya Allaaaaaaaaaahhhh, boleh ke?" and when we wanted to make the i dont-know-what-to call-it (you tie up the raffia string to tie a bit of the kain pelikat so that it won't touch the body as to make the wound dries up faster) ok, whatever! Adam said "Jangan ikat dekat lampu, nanti lampu berdarah, Adam jadi electric." and "Adam nak ikat kat fan, nanti Adam jadi helikopter" Yup, funny Mr Joker!

while im blogging, friends, please watch definitely, maybe. i like the movie, love those kind of light movies and he's cute. the father, Ryan Reynolds of course! i wish i have my kids gets that kind of father. so sweet :) and Love. No thank you. they took the Malaysian version of Cinta and changed here and there. Hmm this is the first Indo movie that i will not approve.
Enjoy and Happy working people!

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