Friday, April 25, 2008

lazy friday

my day started out so slow that i regret having nasi lemak for breakfast (personal note: no more nasi lemak!) i had to rush to Lam Wah Ee Hospital as Adam is going for his 'sunat' and boy was i almost in tears. He lied on the stretcher, half excited half nervous on the way to the Operating Theatre. i promised him that i'd be with him by the time its over and done with and i did, but i was tad emotional, looking at him shivering and his pale face.

it took them 1 1/2 hours to complete the 'sunat' thingy. i had nothing to do. i went to the cafe for drink with my dad n bro, i played some bubble games on the phone (believe me that is the last thing i thought of doing, being a game-hater), and when the nurses pulled him out of the O.T, Adam was curled on the bed looking like a baby. i just cant stand it. we (the whole family, or is it just me) think that he's still a baby despite his age and he would always be my baby brother, the joker, the person who loves to make me smile and laugh, the person who would follow me for a hair treatment and all.

'nuff bout all that, but im missing him already : (

when he was awake, he was rather blank. but i told him everything went fine and all. (im much nervous than he is, ayy?) and he asked me the million dollar question. "where's Mama and Papa?" i was speechless. i wanted to cheer him up but believe me i know what he's feeling right now. he needed care and attention from my parents and they were not there for him. my presence is the least i can do. Truth be told, i would never want my siblings to feel left out, unloved, or whatever. i'll try my best to cater it to them. i've got the hang of it since i dont know when. i feel that its just my responsibility and sometimes people just take it for granted. im not blaming but i just take it as it is.

let's not get too emotional or i'll end up getting my mascara and eye liner smeared!

OMG! carly smithson is out of American Idol. yikes. she's one of my fave but my ultimate is *batting my partly smeared eyelashes* definitely Mr. Cook, David Cook. moving on. i wonder what i'll be doing this weekends? Movie marathon? Ugly Betty Marathon? hmm maybe i should head down to Ferringghi for new series. Ugly Betty 2, Heroes 2, what else ppl?

recommendations pls :) this will keep me occupied. i don't know if it's menstruation but i think i read somewhere that men do have menstruation minus the blood thingy and the hassle of pads or tampons. its almost everyday now. a little bit of gadoh (small fights), and a touch of giggles, some lovey-dovey things and gadoh, and more gadoh. Gosh! It's been crazy. So much of a rollercoaster but i guess its normal for couples in a relationship. hmm.. Nobody's a winner, nobody's a loser. and at the end of the conversation one of us will give in and i'll end up dropping a tear or two, okay im lying (i get teased for this by my siblings ok).

Yes, im emotional, crown me!

p/s: pls listen to eyes on me by celine dion. some arab touch and so much about relationships.

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