Tuesday, April 22, 2008

celine dion's concert! Mr. Boyfy! & Tax Course

13th april 2008
it started with edros and i travelling to K.Lumpur for th long awaited concert of Celine Dion - Taking Chances Concert in KL. okay! i was a wee bit excited as she is a Diva, indeed and i just want to have fun.

The show started 15minutes late and at that particular moment, Edros had to drag me to the toilet which had this bee-line queue. I was like OMG! we're gonna miss the opening and we did. but the toilet place had a great view and it was better off watching it from that spot. okay.. so the concert started with 'i drove all night' and she went on with a couple of hits like 'i'm alive, it's all coming back to me now, i love you' and a few others and she introduced her latest hit ' taking chances' and 'eyes on me' taken from her newly launched album Taking Chances. i was singing to it, i had so much fun and i couldnt be more contented to see her show with the great band (especially the multi-talented guy who played the violin and guitar and so much more) and dancers. they were marvellous. to those who missed it, im sorry but it was effin good! we shared the concert with the King and Queen too. Datuk Siti Nurhaliza n hubby was there. Rossa was there.a lot more indeed!

she didnt sing the ever-so-famous ' my heart will go on' until the very last minute. she came back to the stage after changing her decent clothes. she wore this sparkly top with tights and a mini-cardigan from the start to this beautiful yellow Greek-goddess inspired dress that she changed for the finale act and OMG! she was so good.... i was almost in tears.

14th april 2008
post concert was crazy. we ended up waking up late. We were supposed to get up early and leave by noon. but we ended up having brunch. so you go on figure out what time that will be. i was sympathy with my bro cos he had to drive alone back to Penang since my sis and i had to stay back in KL for my course on the 16th and 17th. but there's nothing i can do as Papa had told Edros to do so cos it'll be an extra cost to fly Elly again down to KL (if she was to follow him back).
it so happens that it was Uncle Ali's birthday. so later that night, the whole family and us (my sis and i) went to this restaurant with great ambience, Carabao. Great food indeed. Price? Reasonable. We had the Mango Fish, Seafood Tomyam, Fried Asparagus, Black Pepper Beef and i had the Soursop and Strawberry ice. Its like ABC, the shaved ice wit soursop and strawberry sauce and some chunks of it. Yummy! Great people. Great Food. Great Ambience. I'm lovin' it!
15th april 2008
we had lontong kering and nasi lemak for breakfast and my favourite kuih koci . super fatty food for an early meal. To my surprise the course im attending had change its venue from PJ Hilton to The Saujana (formerly known as Hyatt Saujana). With the full-battery phone i made some calls. Saujana was full and i was stranded with no place to go since i had booked PJ hilton earlier that week. I made a few calls to hotels in the Subang area and they too were full. i was like WTF!?! but more of 'Astaghfirullah' since i need to practice to be more patient and zip up my mouth for Umrah. I took this picture on flight since i had nothing better to do with some ridiculous ideas in mind. But i think this picture is rather beautiful. Any biddings, AirAsia?

I,then, called in Kak Rina, my cousin and she was so happy to have me n sis at her cosy apartment in Subang, and she, too, was ever-generous too lend her car for me to travel to the course. Problem is... it has been ages since i last drove a stick (Manual car). Laugh on people but at home, all 3 cars are automatic. so dont blame it on me. believe it or not after an hour journey, we arrived at the KL Sentral and as soon as i stepped down to reach for my luggage, i totally felt like i was in Chennai. Y? can u believe it, not to be racist or whatever, these people were shouting their lungs out and pity me i had to past through them while they were doing it. my concern is my ear drums.
At KL Sentral, we met Iqmal, Elly's friend for lunch at McD's cos i was so hungry and we headed to Shah Alam. and there i had my driving class. i had to prepare myself for driving a stick. im confident enough that i'd be able to pull it off and i did in a mere 15minutes. at first, instead of going backwards, i actually went forward and slight hit the bumper. Oops! but after trying to my relief i got the hang of it. Yay! (pat on the back).
So, while waiting for Kak Rina, we had some 4 hours to waste. and i so wanted to get new straps for my not-really old Guess? watch (i had planned to renew it ages ago but procrastination overrules) and so we headed to Pan Global in KL and tadaaa... i had it done in less than 30 minutes (if you do it through Guess? boutique, they'll tell you that it'll take them 2months or so.so next time, get it done yourself!) i got myself a Hot Pink strap to replace the boring brown one, and a lilac strap for the Gold one. at least Papa won't have to worry bout getting me a new watch anytime soon, unless he's just too kind!
then from there i was longing for my Meatballs at the Ikea. so we went there and yes i couldnt resist the Daim cake.then, after lunch we were rushing to fetch Kak Rina from work but i wanted to get Kak Rina and her hubby the infamous Curry Puffs and the Almond biscuits.

~the end~

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