Friday, April 11, 2008

12th April

its 12th of april, saturday afternoon and i'm stucked in the office with my brother, Iqmal. i've to help him with his studies as he recently somehow performed below our (me + my parents) expectations. and it's also a way for me to help my siblings. its somehow unfair to me to see them fail when i've graduated with a degree. Anyhoo, its rather a boring Saturday with nothing more to do except that i went to visit the doctor for immunization and took the picture for my Visa before going to Makkan for Umrah. Its just one of the regulations. To those who is not aware, yup, im going for Umrah 19th - 29th May. And thats one month away!

Ok, so enough bout that. I can't wait for tomorrow. Y? Well, lets just say that i'm going to a concert. Who? I'll let u guys know who when i get back from KL ok ? "the singer" is such a diva. yes, et, my eyes are turning green knowing that u went for Rihanna's concert. it's unfair kot! and i have a watever-has-to-do with- taxation course in PJ Hilton this week is no work, all leisure baybeh!

and.. and.. ppl pls watch 27 dresses, a great movie and James Marsden will make any knees go weak.. haha! for me it did. ok i need to get going, need a scoop of green tea ice cream at Baskin Robbins and read more stuff on my Umrah.

p/s: pray to Allah that my family and i would be fine :) thank u!

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