Thursday, April 24, 2008

random blogging

its another day at work. i thought it was only Monday. i should be more excited since tomorrow's Friday, Monday Tuesday, Friday, Sunday.. its all the same. Besides that, now or should i say today, instead of doing work, (i dont know why but) i'm browsing through brides-to-be blogs (there's a few to name or maybe should i say a list) and wedding/engagement preparations stuffs. the hantaran. the dress. the food. the everything. OMG! now i understand why most brides miss their beds and shrink a size or two. It's tiresome, time-consuming and all. but looking from the stuffs i've browsed and added in my favourites, i can't seem to make my mind up on the colours itself. Pink? Turqoise? White? Yellow? OMG! Imagine other stuffs im suppose to worry!! Arghhhhh.... People please dont ask me when im getting married or engaged, that i'll surely announce, okay?

Sorry but i think i need to move on to another topic cos i'm having a headache after loads of stuffs to take care of plus Adam is going for circumsization (did i get that right?) or sunat tomorrow. Good luck syg! well he's a brave boy than my sis cos he actually watched the doctor when we had our immunization for our Umrah next month. maybe i should post in the video i took at the clinic. you'll laugh your heart out!

oh and another thing to blog on. to my dearest nadira. im waiting for you to be back home for good from the irish land with endless juicy stories/gossips. everytime i talk to her, we seem to be having lots of stuff to share maybe cos we dont see each other too much and due to the distance and work. well, home sweet home Nad. and its time for me to pay u back for the lost date the other time we were suppose to do with attie n fafa :( i know you'll say its ok and anything else but i still cant forgive myself for that. so sorry babe. and another thing, i might not be able to pick u up at KLIA cos i'll be in Mekah for Umrah. another date, ya?

till next time..

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