Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Due to my not-so-busy lifestyle (if i say i'm busy, it might sound so poio) and then with me being sick for 4 days now cos i had too much lemang (Note: too much lemang for me means more than two slices of it, as i cant take more than that or i'll get sick) i was not able to blog about the last 7 days of my Ramadhan but currently im having all the time, well not so much since im planning for an open house this weekend and definitely lots of work to do but with the piles of story to let go of my chest, i have to spare my time for this blog of mine and to share it with my dear friends, of course.
So there, please do check my last 7 days of Ramadhan (22nd day of Ramadhan onwards). Have fun reading. Hope u'll enjoy!

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