Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Puan Siti Aisyah & Encik Khairil

Just a safety reminder, please buckle your seatbelt as we'll be undergoing a hazardous PINK turbulence. Thank you.

Saturday morning was started so early . Initially, i felt like sleeping till late noon but it was amazing how I was so excited about the trip to KL, rushing to get ready. So i had to move faster than my usual slow-mo pace, like any typical morning. I packed my stuffs, jeans and shirt to change (i wouldn't want to end up wearing baju kurung all the way cos its gonna be a long hot day), makeup box and the utmost essential, my toilettries.

So after breakfast at ToastNToast, we headed to Kepong, the residence of the bride. It took us four long hours on the highway, it rained cats and dogs along the journey (a little bit worried for Syah's wedding). I was too excited, so i was not really that sleepy. It was our first time to Kepong and Syah's place so neither knew the way there but with the help of good friends, we reached safely. Thanks to the 306 team. Kepong was so bright and sunny, a great weather for a wedding. Alhamdulillah.

Upon arrival, i saw a lot of my old YPM friends. It was so great to be reunited after the Nelayan gathering minus those who were not there, of course. I was too excited to meet all of them. Attie, Nad, Fafa, ET, Dirah, Ain, Elis, Izwan and Leang, just to name a few.

So here goes the beautiful pink wedding.

The solemnization ceremony the night before

It all started when the groom, Mr Khairil came to greet the bride. He was smiling non-stop. I bet he was so happy that the long awaited moment had finally arrived, and Syah in Pink dress and matching Hijab was stunning, and shining than usual. I bet he felt so lucky.

The pretty pink bride

The lucky man

Mr & Mrs Khairil

Then they went inside the house, for the Bersanding ceremony. During the bersanding ceremony, the bridal couple will be seated on the dais and sprinkled with yellow rice and scented water by family members, relatives and guests as a sign of blessing.

The dais and hantaran (dowry)

The blushing brides

Then after the ceremony is when it was makan beradab in which the wedded couple and their guests will attend a celebratory feast which involves the bride and groom feeding each other sweetened rice. While Syah and her husband feeds each other, i took the chance to feed my tummy as well. There were limited seats, so i had to sit while Mr Boyfy gets the food. It was so gentleman of him to actually get me my set of nasi kenduri. So sweet!

After that was the photo sessions, there was a lot of photos to choose from, and here's a fraction of it. Before that, i would like to thank Attie and ET for sharing your photographer's as well. Hehe. Thanks Adik and Lan!

The PINK 306 girls

Ratu kebayas with bride & groom

The 306-ers, bride and Ada not in photo

Fafa and I

Attie and i

Attie, Ms Sayangness and Fafa

Girls talk

Ameer came rather late, but it was almost 5 and before my friends and i went separate ways, we managed to snap a few group pics together. The 306-ers, and YPM-ers. Was just a few of us but the camera could hardly fit us all.

The friends

When we bid goodbye, it was the toughest among all. It was hard to accept that Syah's already someone's wife (im not being selfish here), Ekin is soon someone's mother, the fact that ET would be going back to Dublin and the fact that i would not see Fafa, Attie and Nad till the next time I'm in KL. Believe me, being a crybaby i almost cried but i had to be strong. I wouldn't want to ruin my mascara. So, kiss kiss kiss and i was off :)

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