Wednesday, October 29, 2008

el mondo pizza, e-gate

Another review on food. Yum yum. Its been awhile since i last blogged on food. But this one is a must-blog.

El Mondo Pizza at E-gate Penang. Im not sure if there's any at other states but i think there's only in Krystal Point Penang and another one to be launced in Tanjung Bungah, says the owner.

Strawberry Slush

We ordered the BBQ Chicken Pizza and French Fries for Starters. The strawberry-crazy me order some strawberry slush they had on promo. The place was new and the people there were on training so we had to put on the patient gear. Hopefully they would speed up a little. While munching our fries and waiting for our pizza, the owner came and chat with us.

Surprisingly my red slush was not as sweet as expected, they could've add a little more of the sugar syrup. The fries were normal but the yummiest of all should be the pizza. A little dash of the Tabasco sauce and you're set to drool.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Got to go, its kickin' hot!

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