Saturday, October 11, 2008

24 yrs of friends

My greatest old friend of 24 years, Ada Ahyaudin, whom somehow forgotten my birthday a while ago posted this darling. Seriously, i was moved to tears. Really! I miss u retard.

To one of my oldest friend..this post is a lil bit overdue but I just wanted to wish you Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great birthday spending it with your loved ones..But wat i can say is that Dura you've really turn into a women over the past years but u'll still be the same Dura that I know..know that I am proud of you for the woman that u've become and for what you have achieved..U're on a smooth path in u're life now where u know what u want out of life and i see that u're on ur way to achieving it...Anyways, Happy Birthday and love u always babe!! Muaxxxxx...

Isnt it great? Too bad you have to miss that certain 'wedding'. Hope it wont be mine you miss, k! So lots of love from Penang and Sany Char Koay Teow.. (saje je nak bagi u jealous)

BTW, we are definitely going younger Mynn.
Happy birthday Mynn :)

Love, Adura Sayangness

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mynn said...

hahahh...yes, Ms Libra.

we are definitely going younger! ;)