Monday, July 6, 2009


I'm so getting summonses this month for drinving like a mad lady to and from Malacca last weekend to send lil sis back to her UITM di hatiku :) Well, this entry is not on the trip as there'll be another update on it, but it's just something sweet and funny from someone i call Rambutan Kuning or Yellow Rambutan because the red ones are just so easy to find, unlike yellow rambutans kuning and they're not too sweet but sweet and sour, so i can eat it as much as i like. And the flesh of the red rambutans are separated unlike the yellow ones. you know what i'm trying to deliver here? Yes? No? i love rambutan kuning.

Okay,back to the 180km/h. I was travelling alone from Malacca, no co-pilot just me, myself and I. Boring beyond words so that explains the speed. I'm not fond of slow driving, sorry. Okay, so i was driving at such speed while eating rambutans and replying text messages (yes i know its dangerous but what the hell!) and at a particular time i was texting my Yellow Rambutan. Here's a piece of the sweet and funny. Well, at least i smiled all the way. :)

Him: Dh ktne tu? i dh kt s.alam. u jgn sad ye,nnt we meet again
Her: Tg malim
Him: Jgn la jawab spatah2, we had so much fun together kan? Nnt we'll meet again kan? Jgn la cmni
Her: Sorry bwk 180
Him: Ktne dah?
Her: Taiping
Him: Lajuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,,, careful
Her: Tu la bosan
Him: Ingat org yg tersayang... hati2 di jalanraya
Her: Sape ek???
Him: Cube ingat balik, sape yg syg u?
Her: Hmm die ade ckp td ke?
Him: Ade. Byk kali. Nk tau sape??? Saye la orgnye :)

At last the guy with great ego actually let out. Well, i can't blame anyone for this but i'm happy with the way it is now. i hope it goes a long way from here. XOXO


[et] said...

"Him: Ade. Byk kali. Nk tau sape??? Saye la orgnye :)"

*ehem*siape saye?*ehem*

-goyfie (who is happy for u)

sayangness said...

thanks goyfie. il goss with u in PARISSSSSS!!!!!! :)

so cant wait! much love frm ur goyfy

Nurul 'Ain Mohd Amin said...

babe, rambutan kuning tu namenye rambutan Gading!

Anyways, i'm happy that u r happy!

sayangness said...

ain, thanks for the wishes. i just hope. n hope. n hope. btw, we're friends, nothing more. should i say im not prepared for another heartbreak? thanks cos inform bout the rambutan kuning, i pn tatau its rambutan gading. hehe :)hws d lil girl??