Thursday, July 16, 2009


I've actually finished packing my stuffs to bring for my long trip at 2330 on thursday night. i should've got it done way earlier like Mr M said(in short for Mr Mystery) but being typical me, i would just "save the best for last".

Baju, check.
Makeups, check.
Medicines and such, check.
Telekung, check.
PAssports n all, check.
Mr Mystery, .... nil

A lot of stuff were thrown into my luggage, almost the whole wardrobe. Well, that's if you consider 2weeks holiday is long bacause i need a lot so i wont buy much but knowing myself, i doubt that'll ever happen. What's important is i'm psyched for the vacation but at the same time, to be travelling alone, i should be prepared for a lot of situations. Let Allah lead my way and protect me from all harm. InsyaAllah.

Another reason to be excited about is that, on Saturday, i'll be amongst many Man.U fans to spectate the game with Malaysian FC. I just can't wait. However, being brokenhearted given CR7 actually went for another club (Real Madrid that is) and the whole point of going for the game was to actually brush shoulders with him was just a girl's dream. And that dream happened to be mine. But the problem lies in figuring out what to wear for the game. Jeans and Tee? Summer dress? i just dont know. It's not like you go for a football match to watch Man U's game everyday, y'know.

Well i guess i better stop before it goes on and on, endless. Nonetheless i need to get a very good rest as well as to avoid having eye bags. Nooooo...!

Sleep tight, sweat dreams my friends. :)

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reena said...

Euro trip? OMG i jelessssssss! Bestnya! Nak ikutttt. Huhu. Borong Tie Rack banyak2 tau. Heh.