Friday, July 24, 2009

london bridge is falling down

20th july 2009
Today i'll be leaving for London via AirAsia at 1600. Everyone was asking why i hadn't opted for MAS. Unless, someone's paying for me, thank you very much but i'm paying for my own vacation (trying to prove myself independent,somehow) so i chose to fly with AirAsia. At the Departure hall was Elly, Edros and I. It was too hard to leave them, but i am going on holidays, i'm coming back so i shouldn't be too sad, right?

To say the least, it was not a bad flight since it was a no frills, low cost carrier. So what more can you expect than to pay for everything else (comfort kit, entertainment and food). Talking about entertainment, i had all the fave songs in my Sony Mp3 to occupy me throughout my 13hours flight, but i just had to leave it somewhere at my cousins place before leaving. Darn!tBuy then again, I had no complaints, the Nasi Beriyani was good (hopefully my trainer,Gary doesnt read this) and given having a chatty person sitting next to me. It was my bad to have not got his name but i'm sure he was around my dad's age. He was nice. (Uncle whereever u are, it was nice to meet you)

After 5 hours of chatting, and 8 hours of i-don't-know-what (i had trouble sleeping despite being so sleepy, maybe it was the seat,maybe), i arrived at Standsted Airport, London at almost 11pm local time (7am Msia?) which to me looked like our LCCT but i think LCCT is waaaaayyy better. The line before the customs officer was so long and i had just enough time to inform my family about my arrival. Just did't want them to worry since i was travelling alone. But i just had to miss out the fact that i had not update my new number with international roaming. Again, some silly mistake! How am i suppose to inform Daing and Per upon my arrival? Ya Allah, please guide me.

After getting my luggage, i needed to get a bus (Note: Terravision) to Liverpool St. which is practically an hour ride from the airport to town and it only cost around 9pounds to get you there. (Yup its like RM54 in which you can get a return bus ticket to KL, but they say don't convert or you'll end up not eating) On the bus, i slept but only for a while because i was too scared i missed the stop and went to somewhere else. Thank Goodness the pretty Italian girl beside me was nice enough to start a conversation. When we were heat up, we practically conquered the whole bus. Apparently, Margherita de Gennaro was also on vacation with her also 18 yrs old boyfriend. She actually asked me to add her in Facebook! Believe it or not? It was hilarious.

When i arrived at Liverpool St., i was welcomed but my dear old friends Per, Daing and Cheh (i suppose that's his girlfriend cos they make a good couple). So thank goodness for the 2 heroes, they pushed my 23kg luggage back to Daing's place where Cheh made a good cup of Tea and served garlic bread and sambal ikan bilis which i had a few bites and Per practically licked the plates. He must've been very hungry. After a while chatting and i felt like getting some rest before my trip to Paris the next day. Because i was psyched and freezing, i could not sleep. So i went online and updated my Facebook. After a while my eyes were too tired to open, and i really need some shut eyes now.

See you later,in PARIS?!

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