Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beautiful Mess

Beautiful mess or whatever else he calls me like Big Bird and Mok, he's just so mysterious and full of mysetery and deep words. Mind you, we are not really romantically dating just yet or are we? Let time tell as i would not want to jump head first again and hurt myself.

So at 8.36 am i was awaken by a text message saying "go listen to jason mraz's beautiful mess, its for you"

Oh great i thought, another clue to another puzzle.

I Youtube-d the song, listen to it over and over again and the meanings are still vague. Blame me for being slow early in the morning but i think i need that caffeine jerk so it'll boost up the cells to make my mind go faster and read between the lines. I don't know.

Well, i tried asking him for clues and answers but he just won't feed me with silverspoon. Darn! He's just like the professors in your university or college or classes,whatever who is just to selfish to let you get every other facts out of his mouth and demands you to search and rummage the whole campus library for answers. That's so Mr. Anonymous. Things just don't come so easily out of him, does it?

So please listen to the song, and if you've any clue please to not hesitate to break the code for me. Thank you! Really appreciate it if someone cares to help.


[et] said...

beautiful mess is one of my fav!
and it means exactly what it says!
(goyfie! dont act lampi ye :P)

syah said...

dura..definitely he praises you in this song..so he likes you..i guess you're making his life miserable..but in a good way..that's why its called beautiful mess..

haha..i'm just guessing..

love you;)

syah said...

dura..definitely he praises u in this song..so he adores u..n you're making his life miserable..of course in a good way la kn..sbb tu lagu ni pon beautiful mess..hahahha

i'm just guessing dear..

love you;)

sayangness said...

haha u think so syah? i pun pning pikir kan... i love u too dear syah. tak sabar nk jumpe niiiii. lg 2 weeks!

sayangness said...

and goyfy... seriously it means exactly what it says? yikes? takde hidden meanings ke? manade act lampi, im naive la.. haha