Monday, June 8, 2009

Blocked Blog

It's been ages since i last blog-ed and today being sick i felt like its the best day to start pouring my mind here. There was so many reasons why i did not blogged for weeks now. My mind was blocked, trapped into my own little world. In fact there's so many things i wish to blog about. So much that i might as well jot it down here and elaborate it later on. Just in case i forgot about it. Brilliant!

1. Hafidz andd Yana's wedding [done]
2. Genting family trip
3. Man U vs Malaysia
4. Loss of Mokut & Spot
5. Kak M's birthday
6. SR and Momo's engagement
7. chomel27's jazzy june update [done]
8. Aye & Ain's wedding
9. Eida's wedding
10. Emma's wedding
11. Filthy public
12. Autobots vs Decepticons

...and so much more!

As for now, i'd stick with writing this before all the grammar starts going haywire due to some virus that attacked me last Saturday. Fret not, its not the H1N1, perhaps something Edros would call as "H2 Han2"

Take care!