Monday, June 29, 2009

Featured at YSK!


I was featured in Your Shopping Kaki for the Paddle Pop Collection of Chomel27. Bravo!!!

Well, i was all smiles the whole day and to my dear customers, i'm smiling because of you too. To be honest, there are a whole bunch of dresses, tops and whatnots to be updated in the boutique, but i'm juggling time for my 9 to 5 job, my family, my loved ones, my chomel27, my EUROtrip planning, and everything else. Goodness, 24hours is so not enough now issit?

One more thing, i have not even complete my to-do list. Oh noooo!! It's definitely piling up. Please God send me an angel to make me smile all day without whining and settle all the procrastinated jobs i left to dust.

Ok, better get going and moving. Here's the review, if you wish to read further, you're welcome to visit YSK! Traa...

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