Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today my favourite quiz on Facebook was whats wrong with you? and the answers just made me smile and then giggle as it does not make sense at all. Too attractive? Really? Then what caused my breakups? And single-dom? Oh yes i forgot.. cause i'm too attractive! Funny yet confidence boosting

What's Wrong With You?

Result: Too Attractive

Your extreme level of hotness is distracting and offensive to everyone.

Seriously. You're so hot that it makes your friends vomit out of jealousy and strangers drool out of animal lust. Invest in some burlap sacks before everyone you know turns into drooling, vomity messes. Or maybe just invest in some mops.

And don't forget to thank your mom and dad for making you so gorgeous. They did good.


wawan said...

cOngratz uncle zubir!

sayangness said...

hahaha lawak la u wan.... hws businesS?

wawan said...

soo far so goOd..
xsabar nak tgu new collectiOn frOm chOmel27 this july =)

wawan said...
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