Tuesday, June 23, 2009


On the 24th of June (Wednesday) we will enter the month of Rejab. The month of Rejab is the month of Allah the Almighty. Let us overview on what’s behind the month the Rejab.

As narrated by Prophet Muhammad saw, it was decreed that, "Be known that the month of Rejab is the month of ALLAH swt, therefore:”

1. Anyone fasting for 1 day in this month, sincerely, then sure one gets large willingness (keredhaan) from ALLAH s.w.t

2. Anyone fasting on the 27th of Rejab /Isra Mi'Raj (Monday, 20 July 2009), one will get rewarded such as 5 years fasting

3. Anyone fasting for 2 days in the month Rejab will get dignity (kemuliaan) beside ALLAH s.w.t

4. Anyone fasting for 3 days as of 1, 2, and 3 Rejab (24, 25, 26 June 2009) then ALLAH swt would reward as such as 900 years of fasting and save him from world’s danger and suffer afterworld (seksa akhirat)

5. Anyone fasting 5 days in this month, InsyaAllah his demand will be heard by Allah swt.InsyaAllah

6. Anyone fasting 7 days in this month, 7 Jahanam gates of hell are then closed and anyone fasting on the eighth day then will be opened 8 gates of heaven upon him.

7. Anyone fasting for 15 days in this month, ALLAH swt will then pardon his sins that had past and replace his evil altogether with good, and anyone who adds his fasting days,then ALLAH swt will increase his reward."

Prophet Muhammad apostle saw dictated again :"On the night of Mikraj, I saw a river its water sweeter than honey, cooler than ice and smells sweeter than perfume, therefore I asked Jibril "Dear Jibril for whom is this river?"

Then said Jibril answered "Dear Muhammad this river is to those who selawat for you in the month of Rejab."

It was narrated by Tsauban :"When we were walking together, Rasulullah s.a.w passed by a grave, Rasulullah s.a.w stopped and he cried being very sad, then he prayed upon ALLAH s.w.t. Then I asked him "Ya Rasulullah, why are you crying?" He decreed that "Dear Tsauban, they are being afflicted in their grave and I prayed to ALLAH swt, therefore ALLAH s.w.t ease on them."

He decreed again "Dear Tsauban, if only they fast one day and pray one night only in the month of Rejab, certainly they would not be tormented in grave". Then Tsauban inquired "Ya Rasulullah, why is fasting only for one day and praying on a night in the month of Rejab would already avoid one from suffering in the grave?"

He decreed "Dear Tsauban, for ALLAH’s have sent me as a Prophet, no Muslim men and woman whom fast a day and prayed one night in the month of Rejab with their willingness for ALLAH s.w.t, except for ALLAH swt to reward them as such as fasting one year and prayed nightly for one year."

P/s: Grab these 5 points before we ever miss it:

1. In our LIFETIME before DEAD

2. In our FREE TIME before the RUSH HOUR

3. In our EARLY AGE before our OLD AGE

4. In our WEALTH before POOR

5. In our HEALTH before SICKNESS

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