Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy birthday!!

Happy 1st birthday MissBlog.

I'm so happy that my blog has reached a year old. And to date, there have been 15,972 counts in a year. That's almost 43 readers a day. I never did expected that much traffic a day as i've been blogging for fun.

You know what i've been blogging about right? About love and relationships, about me, about food and fashion, then about me, about life and religion, about me again, about travelling and holidays, more about me, about friends and family, me and me again, about music and movies, and again about me.Nothing serious anyway.

InsyaAllah, i'll be bloging actively this day onwards.

More of facts and fiction.

Hopefully to develop better writing skills, improvise my grammar, haha.

Well, again and again, Happy Birthday to MissBlog.