Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wedding Bells:Hafidz & Arni

30th may 2008 marks the solemnization of two beautiful souls. Hafidz and Arni Adriana. The cousin i heart and the friend i met throughout my 24 years of life. Hafidz and Arni met while we were casually hanging out. Arni being a friend of my cousin Rin and Hafidz being my cousin.

And as time flies us by, they ended up dating and loving each other day after day, year after year. From winter to summer to spring their love bloomed in the land of four seasons. Now, they are blissed and have finally vowed to be man and wife. Through health and sickness, good and bad they'll stand by each others side.

On the 6th of June was the date Hafidz chose for the his reception. Every family member wore orange in joy of celebrating the beautiful people. It was an event not to be missed as i was enchanted by the beauty of orange and yellow flowers decorating the hall, the table and dais. It was breathtaking especially with the "pengantin" seated on the "pelamin".

To my lovely cousin Abg Apis and wife, i hope this journey of life will bring you wonders and more of love to be shared amongst you. I am truly happy for you both to be united and husband and wife and there are no words better to be uttered than the love i have for you both. Hold on to the promise you gave to the Almighty in building a family, in sharing your life together, to be a good husband/wife. I pray for the best of you both. InsyaAllah. "Selamat Pengantin Baru"

Love, Adura Sayangness

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i love ur outfit lah. is it chiffon?