Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It was so crazy this morning that a few “old citizens” drivers ganged up on me when I really had to drive at top speed. I was running late to pick Papa and Edros at the mechanic’s place due to some problems with the car’s battery. Then the journey from home to town, I was stucked behind old fellas driving either like maniacs or like some slow tortoise, all the way. Yes all the way! Believe it or not? I’m not kidding you now!

I’m sorry if I sound without manners. Its not that I don’t have respects for them, but they don’t respect themselves, how could they respect others? They drove so slowly yet on the most right lane. You see what I mean? I was definitely ticked off early morning especially after an episode with my newly-bought Topshop, i wore it once, top which had some color run stains and now had ended up with spots of yellow after some “intimate” moments with Mr. Clorox. Seriously, I’m pissed! Its not cheap, its freaking 100 bucks. Sigh.

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