Sunday, November 16, 2008

24 on 17

Today, my dear beloved friend Nur Nadira Nadzeri better know as Nad celebrates her 24th birthday at some Petronas training centre. Due to sympathy (not!), i've compiled a few clips for her, birtday songs mainly, as i'm not able to do a videoclip like ET did which i thought was brilliant! But, Nadlove, if you're reading this, you have to turn on all the clips and you'll know why?! Everything resembles you. Haha!

This one's from Mariah Carey since i remembered those days when we sang her songs together :) but she sings the birthday song for Muhammad Ali, but what the heck!

Then this one is by Beyonce at her concert, somewhere, singing for a 15 year old girl in pink. You're not 15 and you're definitely not wearing pink now, i think!

The orang utan looked so cute singing the Birthday song so i didnt want to leave him behind. Chomel kan? No he definitely doesn't look like you un less you feel like there's resemblances-lah. Don;t be mad ok cos you need to play the last clip.

There you go, a nice birthday song for you. How do you like it? Hehe, Nad we've got a date this 29th November, no more excuses ok!

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