Monday, November 24, 2008


Don’t panic! I have a story, strictly fiction. Let’s just name them Mr. X and Ms X. Okay?

Mr. X and Miss X are friends. They tried dating but it did not last long since Miss X is not particularly interested in Mr. X despite his charming personality and his outstanding family background. She wanted more than that. She wanted love. However, they remained friends. Until present, Mr. X had been dating a beautiful woman with a kid (divorcee or widow I’m not sure), since. The thing is Mr. X’s mother and family disapproves their relationship especially of her status, reputation and culture differences. Mr. X’s parents is in need to get their son back as it seems that Mr. X’s girlfriend has a great negative effect in his life – I’m not sure voodoo or no voodoo, I’m no judge.

Due to these desperate measures, Mr. X’s mother and sister had been searching for ways to ‘help’ their beloved Mr. X. They have tried spoiling him with riches, offering him anything he wants and even consulted religious people for help. The last resort was to wed him with a young woman, not of his choice and definitely not Mr. X’s girlfriend.

Recently, Mr. X’s sister found great news when she heard that Miss X and Mr. X were friends. She thought it would be a perfect idea to tell their mother to wed Mr. and Miss X, instantaneously. Unfortunately, Miss X has a serious relationship and she would not possibly sacrifice her love and feeling for the riches and all materials he could provide.

Should Miss X sacrifice her love?
Should she choose to help her friend over her love?
Should she put other’s interest over hers?


dirah said...

even if Ms X did sacrifice her love, is it any guarantee tht Mr X will stay true to her and not go bck to his own love?

sayangness said...

that's it? will Mr X stay true to Ms X? Lets hope all goes fine :)