Sunday, November 9, 2008

I kill for Kiehl's

Last year on my 'graduation' trip to Singapore, while shopping, i passed by a shop that was so minimal yet so chic. They had a skeleton greet me. When i browsed through, i find it so interesting and so environmental-friendly. Something like the BodyShop (the thing is, i cant use BodyShop's facial care as it does not suit me). The Kiehl's girls in white labcoats handed me a few samples for testers and i thought it was a great idea for me to 'experiment' with my skin (since the brand would be new to my skin, you always need to do a patch test to ensure the suitability of its contents to your dear skin).

After a few tries, it didn't cause any irritations, i felt better and i thought it was a great thing to be hooked up with Kiehl's. Since i stopped going for facials, i might as well invest in some good money for some good products. I want to maintain flawless skin without the monthly visit to the beautician. Its extra money since you pay for the service and you'll have to purchase their expensive products on top of it, which might or might not work. The monthly 'extractions' the term they use to push out the blackheads had caused open pores to mine so i would not want to prolong the effect, too.

Sad thing was, i had to buy in Singapore since Kiehl's have not reached our shores,then, and i thought of not getting it since it'll be a hassle if i finish the bottle and need replacements and what not. Then after less than 3 months of 'thinking', it was already in KL, so i excitedly visited Kiehl's at Pavillion and, my, was i happy to get my facial care there. I had the Yerba Mate range (facial cleanser, the toner and moisturizer) and also the Ultra Protection Water-Based Sunscreen SPF 25. It was not as expensive as the others i've tried, and i thought it was reasonable enough to pay MYR350 per set (Yerba Mate cleanser at MYR85, toner at MYR110 and moisturizer at MYR50).

The herbal Yerba Mate products, is suitable for all skin types. Formulated with an extract derived from Yerba Maté, an extraordinary South American herb, to help maintain a healthy-looking, youthful vivacity. Enriched with this uncommon herbal tea extract, our lightweight, foaming cleanser gently, yet effectively removes excess oil and residue to help reveal skin's natural radiance.

The Yerba Mate sounds fun to me and the moisturizer and sunscreen is not sticky like some others i've tried. So two thumbs up for Kiehl's. During purchases, Kiehl's will offer you 3 random samples for you to tryout other products, which i thought was a golden idea for me to test out more of their products. How cool is that?

Then again, till today, their 'golden' idea, had made me a Kiehl's collector. Every visit to KL i would definitely visit Kiehl not because their product doesn't last long, they do (my Yerba Mate facial cleanser had lasted for the past 9 months) but i just had to get other products, to buy something new or re-stocking. I was interested in most of the products but i can't be too greedy, can i?

After the Yerba Mate range, i slowly collected one product at a time and last 2 weeks when i had the Water Quality Workshop at Marriot Putrajaya, we stopped for Pavilion, but this time Kak M and Roslee was there too, and like any other time, i'll definitely stop by my face's fave shop, Kiehls. This time, I got myself the Brightening Botanical collection; the Spot treatment, cleanser as well as the moisturizer. So that makes me Kiehl's crazy.

Then again, last Friday when we stopped by Pavilion from JB, Elly wanted to get her own Kiehl's range, perhaps after envying my less-blemished skin, she finally got her facial care, the Blue Herbal Treatment for blemish-prone skins. The whole set costs only at RM425 inclusive of the cleanser, toner, moisturizer, spot treatment and sunscreen. And i'm definitely sure its worth buying since it'll last more than 6 months (usually more). That means MYR71 per month, MYR2.37 per day and MYR1.18 per use. How good is that? So the next Kiehl's visit, i'm definitely getting Cintahati that!

In the future i'll definitely try more of their products, perhaps all of it since i've tried most of the samples which works like a magic wand. I'm sorry i can't specify 1 particular item that i love as each product i have, i will never leave it behind. To those of you whose a Kiehl's-user, i know u're with me and those who wants to try, get the mini-bottles and try, u'll know what i mean. If u get the facial care, please do not leave he spot treatments and sunscreen behind!