Thursday, November 20, 2008

Married life

Its is pure jinx that i read Mommy Ain's log and she was telling about how beautiful married life is despite the normal mishaps in her everyday life. Then when i went home, i watched a movie (i'm not sure if its old or new) by the title "Married Life" starred by Ex-Bond Pierce Brosnan. A nice movie about a man in his 50's who has another woman in his life after many years of marriage with the reason that his wife loves him for sex and nothing more while the other woman loves him for his romantic self. Whatever.

So in the movie, the man tried to kill his wife by poisoning her as to wed his young and pretty girlfriend (played by Rachel McAdams) but in the end was scared to lose his dear love as the new girlfriend had been 'saved' by his friend (Pierce Brosnan) as to protect his friend's marriage (how noble? if only there's a lot of friends as he is).

So in between the movie, i was being insecure but in a cute way (perasan sket kat sini, maaf ye) so i SMS-ed Him for his opinions. Here's part of the text:

Sayangness: will you still hold me when we sleep at night even when we're old?
Him: Bistu u ingat i nak tido ngn sape?
Sayangness: Will you still kiss me even if i takde gigi?
Him: I will bcoz time tu i pun takde gigi gak. so we r even. haha
Sayangness: *laughing* sampai tergolek-golek

I know it's corny in its own way, but thankfully i feel much secured by his statements. Thank you! InsyaAllah i will love you till the the end!
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