Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tagging Miss ET

1. 7 facts about me/ fakta tentang saya:
-i work hard, save hard, shop hard!! (ade ke org mcm tu? me!!)
-i dont like to be mad and angry and marah tak tentu pasal, but it occurs to me ever so often
-everyone knows that i love pink, sometimes i'm sick of it
-despite the easier route, i love to challenge myself and take the harder ones
-when i shop, i'm fickle so my wardrobe's so full, my shoe collections is overloaded but i still buy new ones to collect more dusts
-i love romantic comedies, love stories anything lovey dovey, (eventhough sometimes i dont believe in happy endings which i always hope for) but i enjoy serious readings too
-i talk a lot (sometimes to myself, yes i'm a weirdo) but sometimes i dont like talking at all and lock myself in the room, if im not in the mood.

2. 7 things that scares me/perkara menakutkan saya di dunia:
(sorry ET, but we have same concerns)
-the world ends when i have so much that i havent done
-not being able to balas budi my parents
-marriage life? and getting Divorce? its a trend now, and i'm no trend follower
-Death of loved ones i.e family, friends
-Accidents that may affect my life
-What the future beholds with negativity that surrounds us (war and natural disasters)
-Qiamat/ Alam Barzakh

3. 7 current fave songs/lagu buat mase sekarang :
-Fall for you by Secondhand Serenade
-Can I have this dance by HSM3
-Tercipta Untukku, Cintahati's version
-Kekasih Gelapku, Cintahati's version
-When you look me in the eye by Jonas Brothers
-Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colby Caillat
-Wanita by Dato Siti Nurhaliza

4. 7 things i always say/perkara selalu di sebut :
-i love u
-lunch nak makan kat mane?
-Nak air suam
-ngok ngek kpale kemek
-tau takpe tempe tanak

5. 7 things i treasure most/perkara yang amat bernilai :
-family (duh!)
-health & beauty
-handphone :)
-my clothes,accessories, hijab, makeups, books
-my office, my job

6. 7 first time in my life/pertama kali dalam hidup saya :
-First concert, concert Ella ngan Papa n Mama n Dosh, We're rockxtars ok!
-First laptop, i'm waiting for my Pink Vaio
-First job, receptionist (part time) Finance Exec (current position)
-First drive, last 3 years (late driver, since i collected the accidents statistics to avoid driving)
-First nephew/niece, 2years old? since my niece/nephew is 2 years younger than me
-First acne/pimples, when i was 13 through highschool and till now. It's hard to maintain flawless skin. I'm happy with my skin now, thank you
-First flower, from Pa n Ma for my bday. it was a bouquet of white roses dyed to blue

7. 7 lucky people to continue the tag/orang bertuah sambung tag:
Kak M
Lil Miss Kechik
Queen Rania of Jordan,
Dato Siti Nurhaliza
Kimora Lee Simpson
(boleh ke?)

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reena said...

Ngok ngek kepala kemek?

Hahaha.Comel je.

I panggil bf i 'ngokngek' bila malas nak panggil 'sayang'.