Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bunga-bunga cinta (Flowers of love)

Congrats, congrats to Mr and Mrs Sinclair (Bunga Citra Lestari). I tooked this picture from God knows where as i thought it looked so vintage. So pretty the both of them. Seriously i have nothing against them. So as i browsed through their website at How cute, kan? B for Bunga and Ash for Ashraf jadi laa Bash.

At the website i browsed more pretty pictures and as funny as i sound i totally fell in love with their idea. Balik kampung something something. And here's a clip of their wedding at The Saujana, Subang I'm so proud (tak pasal-pasal ) cos i've been to Saujana and i thought it's the perfect place to do as its more secluded and private and the ballroom, definitely a heartthrob!

The newlyweds were in beautiful tux and Bunga in a dress with cape-like veil. How cute is that? Simple yet so chic. They also entertained their guests with my personal fave song, Aku dan dirimu. Again, a great idea (after Dato Siti's idea) of singing your wedding song yourself. Except that i thought Cintahati would do the honor and not yours truly or else drops of rain will fall!!

So, before i perasan and berangan tak tentu pasal, again, congrats to Ashraf Sinclair and Bunga Citra Lestari!

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