Saturday, November 8, 2008

its showtime!

This weekend had gone on a green light. Everything on the go. From Penang to Putrajaya to Melaka. I had to actually catch on my breath once in a while so last Friday, brother and i along with Yoyo and SR went to catch the (Bond song playing) yes, James Bond, Quantum of Solace. I'm not a heavy movie lover, the serious once are usually on the bottom shelf mostly. But this one is a must see, basically cos (1) its BOND movie, (2) Daniel Craig's in it and (3) the Bond girl is super, i even thought of kissing her. haha not in that way but like WOW she's a hottie. And it never often that a Bond girl has a stunningly short hair like hers.

Then, yesterday, again another movie, but its MADAGASCARRRRRRR!!!! That's how my brothers, the lil ones and Alia and Aiman my niece and nephew reacted when i told that i was taking them to the movies. It was way to crazy having 4 kids in a big mall for a movie. Total chaos. But i wore a dress just so people won't mistaken me for a mother with 4 kids. Then i made sure there's lots of food for storage just in case they talk inside the cinema asking for popcorns and chocolates. We totally enjoyed the movie even though Alia couldnt sit in place.

After movies, just for treats, we had early dinner at McDonalds since they have the Madagascar toys with purchase of the Happy Meal. So i bet those kids had fun on their movie day out and so did i! Once again a little girl.

We like to move it, move it!!

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