Sunday, November 23, 2008

High School Musical 3

Believe it or not, i'm not a High School Musical or HSM in short junkie but yesterday i had to. I don't regret a single bit nor am i making a fuss out of it since its mostly for young people or teens and definitely not me (not to say i'm old) but i love musicals a lot, so why not? I ended up having so much fun watching HSM, and seriously i felt 5 years younger or maybe 10. Erk! Well it does not mean when you reach some certain age you have to ban all the songs, bands or movies you love to love when you were a kid right?

I used to dance to any video clips available. BSB , N Sync, Spice Girls, you name it! We'll (me, sister and cousin) have the video tape (then!) and pause and rewind and forward until it gets so jammed. It's so much fun and i don't need to go for gym or aerobics cos its definitely a workout. Don't you guys do it? If yes, you know what i mean if not, you guys really missed childhood when the pop music was such a hit! When everyone loves Nick Carter and JC Chasez for their babyface cute looks, i chose AJ and Justin Timberlake, just cos they're different.

Ok back to HSM, throughout the movie i really wished that i am Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) or Sharpay (Ashlyey Tisdale) or just any of the extra dancers available. It was so much fun. Plus among all the stick-thin pretty girls, there was this chubby cheerleader who danced so well. She was so good! Usually to relate HSM we'll definitely talk about tthe famous couple, Zac and Vanessa but what we had overlooked is Ryan and Kelsi, the cute quirky choreographer and musician item. I thought they were so cute and talented even without the spotlight on them. I'm not ignoring the fact that Ms Hudgens and Mr Efron were underestimated by me,but they really worked hard to pull each scene together!

So i'm urging you guys to re-discover the kid in you and watch High School Musical 3. If you're to shy, get a copy of the DVD and watch it alone, (You can definitely skip the cute corny part, if you want to) You'll totally agree with me :)

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Hanna The Belgariad said...

sorry cuz!
im not with u this time..
i just hate vanessa hudgens!