Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hail the fashion goddess

As much as I dislike media attention whore Lindsay Lohan, it seems as if her pathetic drunken binges, drug abuse and ankle-fit alcohol detection devices rang in a new trend. That of anklets. Bizarre, but if it gets Chanel to create the eyebrow-raising 2.55 Ankle Bag, there must be something to it. A fad that will pass as quickly as it came.
Chanel Anklet in Gold, $1,325.

I thought it was so impossible to wear especially with hijab. Even if im not, i wouldn't wear it at my ankle! Imagine how you need to bend down to get it everytime you need to get some change or maybe your phone vibrates, if you put your cell instead of coins. Think???

But thank god for English model Agyness Deyn who made an appearance at the private party at the Chanel Boutique Dover Street Market dressed from head to toe in Chanel. The supermodel was wearing the latest and greatest from the house, including the Chanel Anklet in Red (which she wore on her arm) and the limited edition Chanel Union Jack quilted bag, £835 (above).

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