Friday, November 7, 2008

tagged by marlissa musa

i've been tagged by my dear friend, Marlissa. Seriously, im not sure what i should do when tagged, so i gues, i'll have to answer these few questions since Cik Mar kite kaypo bout my love life. haha :) no offence but "saye berbesar hati untuk menjawab" since there's nothing much i could do when im in no mood to work.

1) When first time you meet him/her?
The first time? 12 years back. He is a friend of my brother and we started being friends since. We're our first love.

2) What do you feel?
Feelings? Well, i was a kid but and after years of ups and downs, self-searching, dreamcatching and all that, we became closer, and much closer and thats when we finally vowed to be more than friends.

3) What you feel right now?
Now? I wished i had him way earlier when we first met years back. I have this unxplainable feelings towards him.

4) If your enemy do anything that you hate, what you will do first?
Enemy? i have enemies ke? i thought we have enemies if we're unkind to others. i dont think i've been unkind to anyone.

5) Give 5 characters that have at you.....
- im a shopaholic but i can save up money as much too. weird kan?
- im so fickle and indecisive but once i make a decision i keep to it.
- i put my whole when doing something. when i say i'll do something, i'll give my fullest attention
- im hopelessly romantic, even my mom knows that!
- i keep my feelings to myself, i may look hard but a softie inside

6) If he/her have broke your heart, what your action?
nothing. nothing that i'll do. haha but probably grab the samurai in my living room and stab him to death. violent tak?

7) What character you like toward him/her?
him? i know he's gonna read this and kembang tak tentu pasal
- he knows what i like and dislike.
- he is as hopelessly romantic as i do, so two thumbs up (he doesnt admit he's a romantic)
- he understands and respects me as who i am and what i am
- he still wants to learn about me even after all these years
- he loves me sincerely

8) Who is the name of no.1?
The Almighty, my family and Him. Theres no such thing like the 1

9) If your lover become your enemies, is it you will hate him/her?
Like i said earlier, i'll stab him to death and get his heart and keep it in a glass

10) The most memorable thing he/her had done to you?
Memories, there are thousands. U might find it in the blog

11) The most thing that he/her have said to you?
I love u, i miss u yayang

12) To the person that always support to you?
To my family, i love you beyond my life itself. But since this is mainly bout him, well, i may not be the perfect person you've ever met, i may not be a pretty and beautiful and have soft and fair skin like any other girl, i may not look the best at times, i may not be at my best behaviour and say the worst at times, i may not be the best person you've ever known, i may do things you dont like me too and i may not have a good past behind me but with you by my side, you've put my life back to its own place, you've painted my black and white life with beautiful colours and you've filled it with your love most importantly. You taught me how to forgive and forget, you've taught me to be sincere, to give and take. Thus, nothing would take my love away from you as my heart only beats for the ones i love. :) How's that?

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