Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hungry Cash point

Cash point? ATM machine/teller whatever you call it it's just the same.

Last few days, Elly ad i went to Queensbay to get our Monopoly set, due to boredom, and i wanted to get some cash at the ATM machine nearby Jusco. So the normal rituals of pressing buttons and pin numbers, i patiently waited for my cash.

After 10 minutes, not a single RM50 note came out. So i guessed the machine was fasting and was too hungry that it ate my card. I called the Customer service and they asked me to check with the bank. Bad news is, its a standalone machine and they asked me to wait for the next 3 days for them to get it.

My ATM card had been loyal to me for the past 7 years, so i thought i might just change the new one but to get a new card is another RM12. Just smile and wave boys, like Skipper says. So now i have a brand new chilli red card. Yum yum!

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