Monday, June 2, 2008

Bandung Jakarta

so here's the blog on the trip to Jakarta-Bandung which had been past overdue.

Day 1

As expected we arrived early at the LCCT and when we arrived, i was mad hungry and McD was the only option there. i was a hungry bear then and MasyaAllah, there was a beeline at the counter, it was hot and seriously i felt like fainting. Seriously, no joke people. Chaos started during the check-in for 21 of us. It was Madness! but Kak Rina, managed to pull it together (clap,clap!) and we were on board. yay!

Arrival in Jakarta was ok, and i met Dadang, the Supir who had been so loyal to the Zubir's (yes, that's my family) and for this trip, he will be the tourist guide. We loaded the bus with all our luggages and i'm like "kalau pegi dah penuh, balik camane ek?" The trunk was full. Serious! Dinner was at some random Nasi Padang shop and it was good. Maybe we were hungry and tired of the trip from the Airport to town. "Machet aja", that's traffic jam everywhere. Ibis Mangga Dua Hotel or should i call it apartment was as expected. A good place to stay with no complaints.

Day 2

I woke up rather early, then dengan dengkinya, after Solat, i made sure everyone was awake too as we were expected to meet with the rest of the clan for breakfast. As usual, the brother was effin late. Holiday pon bangun lambat!

After breakfast, we went to JTC Mangga Dua for the aunts to quick shop but unfortunately, most of the shops were closed and we agreed to proceed our trip to Bandung. A 2 hour plus journey by bus. Tiring, very tiring and i had fun taking pictures of those snoring and sleeping. Jahat kan? But i am not posting the pictures. Don't worry cousins! :)

By the time we arrived in Bandung, it was lunch time and we headed to Kampung Daun. Lunch was great and i will never forget to mention the ambience. BEAUTIFUL. Very cosy and private with everything green and water streaming down the waterfall but to get there its a hassle I'm telling u, but worth it.

Later on we were thrown out of our bus at Rumah Mode for some SHOOOOPPPPIIINGGGG!! He went his way, I went mine. It feels great to get your own space during shopping time. Sadly, i had to carry my own bag or bags (in which i had piles of stuff, heavy i must say and i wish Mr Boyfy was there to help) but the best part was during try-outs, we ask for opinions and during check-outs, yup at the counter. haha but not semua-lah, just some of it. Thank you Mr boyfy!

Day 3

Day 3 was planned to Tangkuban Perahu. I was kind of excited, as i haven't been there. Just to experience and actually be there is good. It was almost an hours drive from Mitra Hotel. But our, Kia Pregio had karaoke, Edros was the happiest people of all. Throughout the journey it was karaoke time with a little bit of dangdut here and there. We stopped at the entrance of Tangkuban Perahu for some air and also to wait for the 2 other vans and managed to snap a few pics of the pretty tall pine trees (okay, im not sure if its pine but whatever).

But the people around it was like OMG, everywhere till the second we close the door of the Kia Pregio. They'll be selling you from berries to souvenirs, semi-precious stoned jewelleries to toys. I so wanted the strawberries and for Rp100000.00 i got two big boxes of it.

After that, we went back for our mission "mencari kain" at Pasar Baru. I'm telling you guys, i do not suggest any BF to tag along. Boys just do not like kain hunting. I had to cut my time short there plus perut dah ber-keroncong. I was so hungry that i would be pissed of easily at anyone in my way. haha. Sounding like a lioness now.

So we headed for Kartika Sari, for my favourite Nasi Goreng Seafood and Strawberry Sunset and all the desserts they have, the Kek Lapis, Fruit Tarts, kerepek and what not. Sinfully delicious. I wish i could stop by Roger's Spa for their Spa Paket Coklat or at least hop onto bed "Ya Allah, macam Amazing Race pon ade ok" but we had more things to get like Handbags and Clothes, and more shopppppinnnnnggggg! Shopping just does not slow me down.

Day 4
The troop and i were heading to Jakarta for our 2055 flight to KL. But before that, they stopped at Kartika Sari for last minute "kerepek or kek lapis" shopping and also at Diaz. I didnt do much. Post-shopping aches, haha. But joke of the day was when we went for lunch at Simpang Raya. I tripped on the way out of the bus and everyone was surprised that i fell but i just laughed cos it was funny macam nangka busuk jatuh. i had a little scratch and Aunty Rose, was so worried.

And after all that, we headed home, by flight of course. The best part was, we got discount for excess baggage by a nice AirAsia officer namely, Irlansyah. Well, i remembered his name because its like Irwansyah the Indo-celeb but the terrible part was the immigration officer (whatever you call the person who checks the passport) was somehow flirting and asking for my mobile number but i just stood there and smiled, but because of that, Mr Boyfy thought that i was flirting too, Astaghfirullah. AND that i had to leave behind my Limited Edition White Musk for Valentines lotion at the airport as it was overlimit. I was so seriously pissed. It was just a lotion, like that's going to bomb the plane la kan ? Astaghfirullah.

Then at 2255, Alhamdulillah we arrived safely at the LCCT and the parking charges was RM120 for 4 days, "ok-lah tu" said Papa and from LCCT to The Zone Hotel was a 30minute journey at 130km/h. So sleepy yet so hungry so at that wee morning we sempat singgah Pelita KLCC for supper. So in need of Maggi sup :)


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sgt best nampaknye..

nak tag along next time? :P

sayangness said...

hehe no a problem
a vacation of or own sounds nice :)