Sunday, June 22, 2008

p/s : i love you

the movie had gave me wonders. Starred by Hillary Swank and some spanking great actors and actresses including Gerard Butler and Lisa Kudrow. A must watch romantic movie. Yes i know it is an old movie but its a another great romantic movie!! Sorry, i can't escape from being the typical hopelessly romantic kinda gal. I was loving it and loving it more when there was a part where Holly went to Ireland which made me miss my girls in Dublin more :( *sobs* but :) they are coming back in October so hoorah for that.

I watched it Friday night and the first 5 minutes made me relate to my relationship and how we love to argue and kiss-and-make-up in the end, just like Holly and Gerry in the movie. I watched it with Kakak (not my biological sister, but my home-maker, i refuse to call her maid) and she thought it'd be great if i send the DVD to my boyfriend (whereever he is now) so he will get an idea of what's happening, a view from my perspective and all, InsyaAllah. Seriously, i did not think of that, but hey why not?

I loved it and had a new perspective of relationships and how complicated a women minds works.

P/s: i will always love you
P P/s: Thank you loved ones for all your support (you know who you are :)

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