Sunday, June 15, 2008

P ramlee the musical

yay! im back from the weekend. Good stress-free full of fun weekend! I should do this more often :)

P.Ramlee the musical, as expected, was seriously good and funny. Liza Hanim and her beautiful voice, she really did well portraying herself as Saloma and Musly Ramlee was really,really good. It's like watching P.Ramlee himself. Atilia as Junaidah and Melissa Saila as Norizan was also good. It shows all the effort they put in. Then, i saw someone i know. Its uzana Ibrahim herself in the musical. She was great as well. i just cant imagine her not being a god performer. Last but not least, standing ovation for Roslan Aziz and Adlin Aman Ramli for all the hard work. The show was remarkably good.
Then, i met Nad who decided to meet in Curve since it's much closer to her place and the fact that i need that boost from Marche. Dinner at Marche was good. I had the beef supreme pizza, I had roasted chicken and mushroom soup (i think i had them :) , Nad had lamb chop, sister with rosti and fruit juices for everyone. Me, my bestfriend (one of the 306 gals) and sister. i'm truly blissed.

Nad and i at Marche - 14 June 2008

We headed for ikano, for a walk like i said, in order to burn all the stuff we had. We were quickly browsing through Ikea and indulged in the Vanilla Icecream at RM1, currypuffs and hotdog. Yummy and creamy. We later on sent Nad home to Sg. Buloh and met Noah and Neil, Nad's nephews while Heidi the niece was already snoring, no sleeping to be exact.. Sangatlah We later went to Hartamas Square just to tapau Lala and Nasi Putih for supper. Haha!

Sad that Attie couldnt make it to P.Ramlee cos the tickets were sold out! and to Curve cos Lan, her bf, is going to start working soon which includes weekend and menurut Attie, its their last weekend outing. But it'd be better with you around, lagi rancak kite berbual, hahaha.

p/s: Attie, lift up ur chin la babe, its not the end of the world, k. I'm sure he'll have time for you or you could just drop by and see how he's doing, ok?

Now, back to reality, i have to settle all the accounts and what not. hmm, hopefully something exciting for this week :)

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extra terrestrial ^_~ said...

Wow,sounds like a really good weekend *jeles*
ahahaha..p ramlee the musical spi bile eh?
bestnye kalau blh tgk jugak.

and u r going to Medan..?
wah, bestnye!jalan all the time..