Thursday, June 26, 2008

ETA KL/Melaka

The journey will start soon, the long awaited journey. Sending Elly off to UiTm, Lendu, Melaka.

I hope we will have fun or not throughout the weekend. From KL to Melaka. Its going to be a LONG weekend, LONG journey. Tears and what not. Packing and unpacking. Membebel-ing and ceramah. I really hope there will be enough time to drop by the Curve and Ikea for Elly's last minute shopping and hangout with my cousin , Tina tonite.

That made me remember that i have not charge my camera.
Got to go now.

Hope you guys will have a great and not so long weekend like mine.

"Don't cry for me Noralisa, the truth is i never left you......." taken from Evita Peroni/Madonna

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