Saturday, June 7, 2008

kak muhaini's bday dinner

yummy yum.

kak muhaini, the birthday girl

we had it at Seoul Garden, Gurney Plaza. it was an eat-all-you-can restaurand and at RM 30plus it's cheap and it was good, especially to those yang suke makan banyak. lots of choices to fill in your plates, shellfishes, beef, chicken, squids and all types of balls, beefballs,fish balls, you name it.

i'm not thin but my tank is small. so i was the first to stop, and the rest continued to eat, and eat, and eat. but later i settled with 2 desserts. yes, i know thats a lot but who cares. we're celebrating remember.(Ada je alasan tanak diet :) the apricot ice-cream was so good. and i did both the desserts myself, ok. macam boleh bukak kedai dah kan? hehe

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