Monday, June 30, 2008

from penang to lendu with love (part 3)

29th June 2008

Early morning when i woke up to the beautiful morning while i was still sick, Mr Boyfy came to check on me. So sweet!

We had breakfast somewhere in Bandar Alor Gajah, as we would not settle for some Chinese breakfast at the Cowboy Town in A Famosa Resort. There was a group of orphans singing nasyid for charity (with gendang and what-nots). I symphatized and i did the least i could do. Donation. Amal jariah kan? After breakfast, all of the troop wanted a bite of durian kampung. I didn't cos i'll be worst off with the temperature and cough, runny nose ahh.

Then as we were checking out, we manage to persuade Papa to drive up to KL for some shopping at Pavilion. We did it! So another road trip and more shopping. Since I was sick, shopping doesn't seem so exciting and lunch at Tony Roma's was not as well . For the first time in history, i didn't spend a single sen. Maybe it was my condition that stops me, if not confirm dah banyak paper bags kan? Lagi-lagi Papa was there. haha!

We left later at 6pm and another long journey home. (We met Mokhzani, son of Tun Mahathir, with his family at the jockey.) OMG, it's a working Monday tomorrow.Pa, can i get an MC? sil vous plait?

P/s: Syg, thanks for being my nurse for the weekend :)