Monday, June 16, 2008

manic monday

june 16th 2008

mad day. eventhough not much papers piled on my table still it was mad. i vowed for retail therapy with Elly for no reasons. yup, no reasons and the next thing i know i had 2 shopping bags with 4 tops and 2 shoes. yup new shoes. red and black. as expected, im wearing the red one today :) sukenye hati!

my red shoes a la sophie ellis bexter

Retail therapy was mainly to shoo away my thoughts away from everything possible or perhaps nothing.. so anyway there was indeed a need to shop.

Oh and there was a joke i had yesterday that so tickled my belly. I called in for an appointment, where? doesnt matter. so when i said i wanted to make an appointment tomorrow at 4.30pm, the person on the other line was like "Okay, your name is Miss....". So i was like "Noradura" and spelt it just in case she got me wrong.

I was like in a Spelling Bee competition, like what Elly said. I was going "N..O..R.."and so on. I believe the line was noisy, which i dont think so cos the lady went "N..O..I..E..D..U..I..E". I'm sorry but what does that spells? I'm like laughing and she was "hello..hello" and i corrected her again stressing the "R" and "A". My goodness.

Then all of us were laughing cos we couldnt figure out what "NOIEDUIE" was. Maybe it is pronounced as"No-ee-do-ee", cute but no thank u.
So that was joke of the day!