Wednesday, June 4, 2008

makan day wednesday

After a while now, my cousin Aqila came back to Penang for the semester break and she came by the pink office and wanted to have lunch with me and the other colleagues. I chose to have lunch ah Buk Pele. Nyummy-yum! Some will call it Pecel ayam or ayam penyek but this is the BOMB! Nasi, clear soup, ulam and chicken..... Nak lagiiiiii. Sedap kan?

then, after work, we headed for E-gate, wanted to have tea and continue on gossiping and catching up to do at Old Town Kopitiam but when we passed by Secret Recipe, we just had to stop there for some cheesecake or whatever cake they have. They have this new Green Tea Cheesecake but since i watched Brownies the movie, i had the tempting brownies with a scoop of ice-cream.

Later, after the makan makan, Papa called in and told me to fill in my petrol tank as the price is going to rise by 80sen tomorrow. 80sen?!? Nape tak bagi cukup RM3 je? Political issues, next blog people!

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